Customer’s satisfaction is our most important thing, in this belief, we promise to replace or refund under the following situations:

Ship wrong item/wrong size/wrong address(different from provided information)/damaged item(the damage can be seen clearly).
1.Wrong Garment: Receive a wrong garment brand.
2.Wrong Item: Received a wrong Product type.
If E-24shop sent wrong parcels, customers are allowed to keep parcels at their own disposal.
Replace or Full Refund
Low printing quality and wrong position of printing.1: Blurry Print: Edges of the print are out of focus, not distinct. Design details are fuzzy, distorted and do not represent the quality of the print file.2: Design Placement Issue: Too Low/Too High/Right/Left/Wrong area/Crooked/Reversed: The placement of the printed design does not match the designed placement to the extent that it becomes noticeable by End Customer and the initial design is distorted. (See supplementary note①)3: Peeling Print: Print coming off in pieces.4: Scaling Issue: Design printed too large or too small, to the extent when it becomes noticeable to the End Customer and noticeably differs from the artwork.Replace or Full Refund
The actual product is quite different from the announced size: the actual product is more than 1-3cm bigger or smaller than the announced size chart.Sizing Issue: The size of the garment measured according to the standard instructions does not match the size chart of E-24shop, which more than 1-3cm bigger or smaller.Replace or Full Refund
The actual product is quite different from the announced color.Colouring Issue: The printed colour differs from the colour used on the design to the extent where the outcome noticeably differs from the mockup. Mostly because the wrong colour code was chosen by Provider or due to wrong technical settings. (See supplementary note②)Replace or Full Refund
Quality can not satisfy customer’s requirements.1:Broken/Holes/Mechanical/Torn:Item arrived flawed due to Provider’s or Carrier’s act or omission. Including but not limited to: broken mugs; garments with holes or torn; items having mechanical issues, such as a poor functioning zipper or a non-functioning clock. (See supplementary note③)2:Embroidery issues. Including but not limited to: wrong colour thread used on the whole design or parts of it; crooked; protruding or loose threads; missing parts of the design;wrong thread density.3:Stains:Obvious Ink spots, smears or any other unknown stains on the garment or item that do not exist on the artwork and distort the design. (See supplementary note④)Replace or Full Refund
The product is out of stock If customer place an order at E-24shop, but the product is out of stock and we haven’t noticed customer in advance.Full refund+compensation
of 10% product price
Logistics guarantee Under normal conditions1. Parcel is lost during shipping.2. Logistic is not updated for 30 days.Note: Due to the long shipping time for orders in remote areas, some orders take 2-3 months to deliver, and the logistics guarantee does not apply to remote areas. Replace or Full Refund
Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 7 days after the product has been received. And the customer should provide the E-24shop Unique QR code or shipping list. For packages damaged, all claims must be submitted no later than 72 hours after the delivered time. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

Fulfillment is also an important thing we concern. To provide customers better experience, once the customer places the order, we guarantee fulfillment time.

CategoryAverage production timeProduction time commitmentLogistics upgrade to advanced (note 9)Logistics  upgrade to DHL express (note 10)Logistics  upgrade to DHL express  and 20% product payment/full refund and 50% product payment(note 11)
Men’s polyester clothes2-4 days7 daysproduction time between 8-12 daysproduction time between 13-17daysproduction time over 18 days
Women’s polyester clothes
Children’s polyester clothes
Face Masks
ShoesShoes (except Classic Clogs)5-10 days14 daysproduction time between 15-19 daysproduction time between 20-24daysproduction time over 25 days
Cotton clothes
Classic Clogs15-20 days24 daysproduction time between 25-29 daysproduction time between 30-34 daysproduction time over 35 days
1.The fulfillment policy mentioned above just for orders placed online, for orders placed offline, two days will be added on the fulfillment time commitment. Related logistics upgrade policy also add two days.2.Fulfillment time refers to the time of production and delivery.3.E-24shop processes orders between 9:00 to 16:00( UTC+8). If customers place the order beyond that period, the production time is calculated from next 10:00AM.4.E-24shop fulfillment time commitment includes weekend, but not Chinese public holiday, if customers pay the order during holidays, the fulfillment time is calculated from the next working day 9:00 AM.5.E-24shop only supports the orders that have been paid and completed the design with effective design documents.6.The compensation amount is only for the product price, not including the shipping cost.7. If an order includes different categories products, E-24shop’s production time depends on the products which have the longest production time.8. The highest compensation paid by E-24shop is no more than $500 / bulk order.If the customer selects DHL Express when placing orders, the related fulfillment policy are as follows, point 9-11, other conditions not changed.

9. E-24shop will return the corresponding logistics price gap between advanced shipping and DHL express.(The maximum compensation standard is 50% of the customer’s total payment)10. E-24shop will return the corresponding logistics price gap between standard shipping to DHL express.(The maximum compensation standard is 50% of the customer’s total payment)11. E-24shop will return the corresponding logistics price gap between standard shipping to DHL express and and 20% product payment/full refund and 50% product payment.12. This fulfillment time commitment does not apply to the following conditions:①some categories of special demands from customers.②some orders if need to make and confirm samples in advance.③if one order placed for over 30 pieces same products.

However, as a product-customized company, E-24shop is not resiponsible for the lost caused by some special circumstances and reasons. E-24shop has the right not to assist in providing after-sale service, including but not limited to the following situations.

Customer fill a wrong shipping address/size or color/design fileNo replace or refund
All claims are submitted over two weeks after the product had been received.No replace or refund
The color is not the same between mock up and design. (See supplementary note⑤)No replace or refund
Damaged or deformed product— Product is damaged or deformed by customersNo replace or refund
Wrong or insufficient recipient information—The parcel cannot be delivered properly due to the wrong or insufficient recipient information provided by customers;No replace or refund
Parcel unsigned issue— Under normal logistics conditions, Customers do not sign for parcel due to personal reasonsNo replace or refund
The logistics stagnation caused by political movement/natural disaster risk/military control/warfare and force majeure factors is not within the scope of responsibility.No replace or refund
Because of shoes’ different material, and different monitors’ display color, the real object color will have deviation from the mock up provided by the customer.(See supplementary note⑥)No replace or refund

If you or your customers have an issue on the products or anything else on the order, please submit a problem report.

Notification for EU consumers: According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the right of withdrawal may not be provided for:

1.the supply of goods that are made to the consumer’s specifications or are clearly personalized;

2.sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and thus aren’t suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons.

therefore E-24shop reserves rights to refuse returns at its sole discretion.

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

Supplementary notes

note ①

 Order AKA Received wrong design

note ②

 Ordered Blue Received dark Blue

note ③

 Order Hoodie without hole Received Hoodie with hole

note ④

 Ordered without stain Received Obvious stains

note ⑤

 Mock up is Haze blue Design is Bright blue

note ⑥

 Customer’s Design Color Final Color Effect